Struggling With Health Care?

Get help from licensed insurance and care advisors. 


We help you cut through red tape.



Insurance issues got you feeling down. Fearful of what might happen if you become ill. We get it. Health care takes up a lot of space in our lives, especially when we’re struggling to manage illness and navigate the system. 


You don't have to do it all alone!


We are a licensed insurance agency that is focused on ending health care overwhelm. Our enrollment and wellness advisors are eager to provide direction, so you know EXACTLY what to do to have health care success. Whether you need us for health insurance or providing ongoing care support for an aging loved one—we are here for you every step of the way.

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You’re in control of your health care when you work with us!

Managing health care is a team effort. We provide the resources while empowering YOU to take charge of your health care. 



Experience The Healthwhiz Difference.

Dedicated Support

Your dedicated Wellness advisor is always just a phone call away. This is your go-to when you have questions, need help researching providers, or learning more about our services.

Customized Planning

Tell us about your health insurance and care needs, and we’ll create a roadmap to get you results.

Knowledgeable Advisors

Friendly, professional and passionate, our advisors have a wealth of experience to assist you. All have expertise working with older persons. We leave no stone unturned!

Time Saved

With Healthwhiz watching over your health insurance and care needs, you’ll get valuable hours back in your day to focus on other important things.

Obstacles Eliminated

Need help filling out paperwork, scheduling a doctor appointment, arranging for transportation or negotiating a medical bill? Your wish is our command.

Data Secured

Our systems are permissions based, HIPAA compliant and fully encrypts all sensitive health information.